Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett, Staff Scientist and Healthy Waters Project Director

Nick with shad

NRCM’s Nick Bennett catches an American shad in Waterville. Photo by Todd Martin.

Nick works across all of NRCM’s project areas to ensure NRCM’s solid reputation as a science-based organization. His expertise and experience are in high demand at the Legislature and from organizations around the state. Nick is also NRCM’s Healthy Waters Project director. He works tirelessly to protect Maine’s aquatic habitats and the fish and wildlife that depend on them. He has led all of NRCM’s water-related work over the past two decades, including the removal of Fort Halifax Dam, the defense of Maine’s wetland and significant wildlife habitat protections from Governor LePage’s attacks, the reopening of the St. Croix River to sea-run alewives, and the passage of the nation’s most protective mining law. Nick is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale School of Forestry. Prior to his time at NRCM, he worked at an environmental consulting firm, the Center for Marine Conservation, and the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole. Nick enjoys duck hunting and spending time in the Maine woods. He resides in Hallowell with two beautiful Labrador retrievers.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee

Cat or Dog Person? Dog person. I’m very allergic to cats!

Why I Do This Work

"The natural world has given me my greatest joys in life. I want to give something back."