Looking for some great new places to discover?

Between Maine's stunning coastline and spectacular rivers and mountains in the northern region of the state, it can be hard for Mainers and visitors alike to choose where and how to spend precious summer days and our snowy winter days. We have some excellent suggestions for you! Hiking, biking, birding, paddling, camping—the list goes on and on.

You can also find accessible trails throughout the state by searching for "Accessible Trails" in the "by activity" menu, or you can click this link to see the list, which we are continuing to add to. If you know of accessible trails near you, please let us know at nrcm@nrcm.org.

Be sure to click on the colored circles, which zoom in on additional sites in that region.

If you are part of a land trust or project that has received LMF funding, please take a moment review the project information and send along any updates you know of to nrcm@nrcm.org. Photos of these special places are always welcome as well. Thank you!

Much of the text provided here by the Natural Resources Council of Maine originally appeared on the website of the State Planning Office. When the state agency was dismantled by Governor LePage in 2012, NRCM stepped up so that LMF would continue to be available to our members and the public.

Land for Maine's Future

LMF program lands include 117 locations with more than 1,000 miles of shorefront and 158 miles of rail-trails, & habitat important for wildlife for breeding, wintering, & migration.

NRCM Staff Picks

NRCM Staff Picks! These locations include descriptions about why each place is special, and tips for how to make the most of your visit.

Public Reserved Lands

Maine’s Public Reserved Lands include 37 spectacular places to hike, camp, watch wildlife, paddle, fish, and much more.

Ecological Reserves

Many Public Reserved Lands also include land that is part of the Ecological Reserve System, established to protect Maine's biodiversity.

Explore Maine’s Great Outdoors

Visit our Explore Maine web pages that highlight books, blogs, and much more, all by NRCM members. You’ll also find tips on exploring places throughout the state where you can bike, canoe, swim, watch wildlife, and more.

Order your copy of Explore Maine Publication. And, if you know of places in your town where you think it would be good to share a few copies, let us know and we’ll send you some!

Send Us Your Beautiful Maine Photos

While you are out hiking, paddling, bird watching, or traveling around Maine, snap some photos with your smart phones, then email them to us at nrcm@nrcm.org to share them with us instantly! We may choose your photo to be our My Maine This Week featured photo, and we will share your photo in our "My Mobile Maine" slideshow below. Thanks to everyone who has already shared their photos with us via their smartphones. It's quick and easy — give it a try! Send us your Maine photos today!

(Background photo by Skip King of Portland, Maine)