We work to protect Maine’s clean air and reduce climate-changing pollution by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to ensure a clean energy future for Maine.

Among our highest priorities is to improve the quality of Maine’s rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters for the health of Maine people, wildlife, and our economy.

We are committed to protecting Maine’s natural areas and undeveloped character, including our treasured North Woods, so that future generations will know the Maine we love today.

We help communities throughout Maine adopt practical, effective measures that reduce toxic pollution and the impacts of waste.

NRCM staff members are at the Legislature every day throughout the session to work for laws that protect Maine’s environment, and to defend our environment against attempts to weaken safeguards for our land, air, waters, and wildlife.

Decisions made in Washington, DC, have lasting effects on Maine’s treasured clean water, fresh air, healthy forests, thriving wildlife, and the health of Maine people. NRCM works to identify and address the issues at play in Washington that have the largest impacts here at home.