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Maine becomes first state in nation to pass Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging law in response to a steady increase in wasteful packaging that is driving up costs for local cities and towns.

On July 12, 2021, Governor Mills signed LD 1541 into law, making Maine the first state in the nation to pass an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging law in response to a steady increase in packaging materials, including those from online retail, that is driving up costs for local cities and towns. Read an explainer blog by NRCM’s Sarah Nichols to learn what’s next.

recycling reform

Protecting the nature of Maine since 1959, by harnessing the power of science, the law, and the voices of people who value Maine's environment.

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In this episode of "Frontline Voices," Federal Program Director Emmie Theberge joins Colin to discuss how a bold infrastructure investment from Congress would benefit Maine people, our environment, and our economy. Listen to our podcast on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, & more.

Making a Difference for Maine

Do you know someone who volunteers their time to protect Maine's environment? We want to hear about them! Please send your nominations (individuals & groups are eligible) for NRCM People's Choice Award before noon on Monday, August 16. Finalists will be announced later in August; Then you'll be able to vote for this year's winner.
Pemaquid sunrise by Wendy Weiger

Top 10 Climate & Clean Energy Accomplishments of the 2021 Legislature

Although Maine lawmakers considered and ultimately passed dozens of climate action and clean energy bills during the 2021 session, NRCM Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim shares what we believe are the Top 10 most significant actions related to the climate, clean energy, and energy efficiency that have become law.

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Each year NRCM shares special Maine places for you to read about & explore. This year, NRCM members, board, & staff share some of our favorite Maine public lands, many of which were protected through the Land for Maine's Future program.

For those rainy days or sunny beach days when you are looking for a good read, we have reviews of several books written by NRCM members, and some blogs & art to enjoy, too!

And don't leave home without our Summer Road Trip Playlist, with song suggestions by our members!

News from NRCM

News & Noteworthy — July 2021

Here are some highlights from this month's news stories and opinion pieces related to the environment, including Maine’s air, land, water, and wildlife, in this month’s News & Noteworthy from the Natural Resources Council of Maine. July 29, 2021 News about Maine being the first state in the nation to...

Legislative Session Delivers Big Victories for Maine’s Environment

NRCM news release  July 21, 2021 (Augusta, ME) — The Maine Legislature delivered significant progress this year on a broad range of environmental issues that will benefit Mainers across the state, including new laws that will conserve thousands of acres of land, invest in upgrades for State Parks, weatherize thousands...

New Maine Law Will Shift Recycling Costs to Producers of Packaging Waste

EPR for Packaging Will Save Taxpayer Money and Improve Recycling News release Maine has joined more than 40 jurisdictions around the world to require companies that create packaging waste help pay for the costs of recycling. It becomes the first state in the nation to pass an Extended Producer Responsibility...

Background photo: Aerial view of Pleasant Lake and Pickett Mountain by J. Monkman/NRCM

Once you know what Great Blue Herons really eat, not even their fancy plumes may be enough to salvage the dignity a bird that seems so regal. (Photo by David Small)

What Do Great Blue Herons Really Eat?

Everybody knows Great Blue Herons. Or think they do. Maybe you call them simply “herons.” Maybe you call them cranes. Regardless of what you call them, you know what they are when you see them. But do you know what they eat? Allison & Jeff, NRCM's bird experts, give you the inside scoop!

Monhegan Weekend: Hurricanes, Harbor Seals, and a Shark!

NRCM Climate & Clean Energy Outreach Coordinator Josh Caldwell is going to share his Maine adventures with us in his new Adventures with Josh blog. His first trip was to Monhegan Island, where he was met with a hurricane, harbor seals, and an unexpected visitor!

Critter Chatter — Little Stinkers

NRCM member Jayne Winters shares a lot of interesting facts and adorable photos about skunks in her latest "Critter Chatter." For instance, did you know that baby skunks are born blind and deaf, but when they are older their scented spray is powerful enough to ward off bears?! Learn more in this month's post.

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Featured: Reduce Your Use: Tips for Reducing Your Footprint on the Environment

Do you know how much food the average Maine family wastes each year? Want to learn how to reduce your food waste, plastic bag and foam food container use? Our “Reduce Your Use” brochure includes tips for lessening your impact on the environment while saving money, including simple changes to your daily habits such as grocery shopping, consumer purchases, and cutting back on food and other waste such as plastic bags that take centuries to break down.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

Sunrise Steve's Island

My Maine This Week: Alicia Heyburn

Gulf Hagas waterfall

My Maine This Week: Gulf Hagas by Wendy Weiger

dog on Popham Beach

My Maine This Week: Tom Rooney

Tumbledown and Little Jackson Mountains

My Maine This Week: Linda Woods

Common Loons

My Maine This Week: Callie Wronker

foggy coastal Maine shot on Monhegan

My Maine This Week: Steve Cartwright

Deboullie Public Reserved Land

My Maine This Week: David Preston

spotted salamander eggs

My Maine This Week: Gabriel Vigna

Ospreys in Rockport

My Maine This Week: David Small

Person caulking window on Bright Ideas pamphlet

Sustain ME

A feature to help you help the planet.

Bright Ideas: Tips for Home Energy Savings

Taking steps to improve energy efficiency in your everyday life can save you money, reduce pollution, add to your comfort, and improve your sense of well-being. Around the house, on the road, and in your community, following these tips can help you become more energy efficient. Request a free brochure today!

Piping Plover by David Small

Creature Feature: Piping Plover

Did you know that a Piping Plover parent will attempt to lure a potential predator away from its nest by feigning a broken wing? This endangered species nests at Maine beaches. Learn more about conservation efforts for Piping Plovers in our latest Creature Feature written by NRCM member Kristen Lindquist.


Banner photo: View of the Bubbles at Acadia National Park, by David Small