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Though NRCM’s work in the State House is done for the year, our role as watchdog for Maine’s environment never lets up. Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim speaks about some of the topics we’ll be following this summer. The unifying theme that emerges from the discussion is that many out-of-state corporations are trying to take advantage of Maine people and our environment to turn a profit.

Celebrating 50 Years of the Clean Water Act

50 years ago, the magnitude of pollution in the Androscoggin and other Maine rivers reached a tipping point, helping galvanize passage of the Clean Water Act. NRCM and partners across Maine have launched a statewide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act to acknowledge how much has been accomplished while committing to further progress. We will also honor 50 Clean Water Champions. If you know someone who has contributed to Maine’s clean water legacy, nominate them today!

Federal Funding Creates Opportunities for Maine

The third blog post in our series about federal climate and infrastructure funding focuses on opportunities this funding provides for Maine's communities, economy, and environment. NRCM is encouraging Maine’s Congressional delegation to take a leadership role in advocating for Mainers by bringing much-needed funding to the state by pushing for federal climate investments.

The Brookie Awards

2022 Brookie Award Winners Announced

  • Noela Altvater of the Passamaquoddy Reservation at Sipayik
  • Kiara Frischkorn of Biddeford
  • Lucas Healy of Castine
  • Kosis Ifeji of Bangor
  • Greg LeClair of Waterville
  • Anna Siegel of Yarmouth 

News from NRCM

My Maine This Week: Pam Wells

NRCM member Pam Wells of Old Town, Maine, has been sharing her beautiful Maine wildlife photos with us for many years. This week we share Pam's photos from a couple of summers ago during her visit to Essex Marsh in Bangor. She saw this viceroy butterfly and egret and writes,...

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Limiting EPA’s Ability to Reduce Pollution Will Harm Maine’s Clean Air and Climate

Augusta, ME (June 30, 2022) – Maine conservationists are expressing outrage over a decision issued today by the U.S. Supreme Court to dismantle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to limit carbon pollution that is accelerating the impacts of climate change. The Natural Resources Council of Maine, one of the...

News & Noteworthy — June 2022

Read some highlights from June 2022 news stories and opinion pieces related to the environment, including Maine’s air, land, water, and wildlife, in this News & Noteworthy from the Natural Resources Council of Maine. June 29, 2022 We are going to cover the news from the past two weeks in...

Let’s Look at Plastic in Daylight, and Leave the Smoke & Mirrors to Hollywood

"Corporations that spew out plastic packaging want us to pay no attention to the man behind the (plastic) curtain," writes NRCM's Sarah Nichols. Find out what the plastic and fossil fuel industries are doing to confuse and mislead people about plastics in Sarah's blog.

Learn to Talk Bird with Five Easy Wild Bird Sound Imitations

In their latest blog, Allison and Jeff, NRCM's bird experts, share five easy wild bird calls to imitate to help you ID birds near you. Be sure to watch the video link of two youngsters doing their best Barred Owl impressions, too!

Critter Chatter – Release Updates

Jayne Winters gives us an update on the work that Don Cote and volunteers at the Duck Pond Wildlife Center have been doing to get deer, foxes, and bobcats back into the wild after a winter of rehabilitation and nurturing at the Center.

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loon and baby in pond

My Maine This Week: Gerard Monteux

looking out from mountaintop at view

My Maine This Week: Emma Bourget

Lady's slippers

My Maine This Week: Linda Woods

New Vineyard Lily Pond by Sam Horine

My Maine This Week: Sam Horine

fishing on Kennebec River

My Maine This Week: Richard Flanagan

Nesowadehunk Falls

My Maine This Week: David Preston

rocks and driftwood in Bar Harbor

My Maine This Week: Jayne Winters

Summer Tanager by Kelly Magalis

My Maine This Week: Kelly Magalis

Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area

My Maine This Week: Kelly Magalis

Reduce Your Use brochure

Sustain ME

A feature to help you help the planet.

Reduce Your Use: Tips for Reducing Your Footprint on the Environment

Do you know how much food the average Maine family of four wastes each year? Do you want to learn ways to reduce your food waste, plastic bag and foam food container use? This brochure includes tips about how to lessen your impact on the environment and save money by making simple changes to your daily habits. Request a free brochure today!

Creature Feature: Quebec Emerald Dragonfly

Do you know where you can go in Maine to try to see a Quebec emerald dragonfly? It can be found in Number Five Bog because this wetland is a protected place. In 2000, Number Five Bog became part of a statewide system of ecological reserves created by the Maine Legislature to conserve the state’s diversity of plants and animals, and examples of all the habitat types found in Maine. Learn more about the Quebec emerald in this new Creature Feature by Catherine Schmitt.

Featured: Clean Housekeeping—Toxic-free solutions for your home, yard, & garden

Find out how to clean, control pests, and dispose of household cleaning products in a way that's healthy for your family and the environment! NRCM's Clean and Healthy Housekeeping brochure features dozens of easy "recipes" to clean drains, control ants and insects, polish your shoes, and more-the non-toxic way.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

Banner photo: Jordan Pond Bubbles, Acadia National Park, by Gerard Monteux