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In this episode of "Frontline Voices," Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim joins Colin to discuss the furious pace of lawmaking at the State House in recent days as they voted on hundreds of bills, including many big victories for Maine’s environment. Pete will describe some big themes that emerged from this year’s action, what’s left to be done, and when lawmakers will finally adjourn.

Maine Towns Need Relief from the Rising Costs of Recycling

The Legislature will soon vote on LD 1541, a bill that would help make recycling more effective by requiring big corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart to reimburse towns for costs of managing wasteful packaging. Without this law, Maine’s recycling programs will continue to struggle and many more may close. Please urge your legislator to support LD 1541 now!

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Public hearings on many bills related to Maine's environment are happening right now, and your voice is one that legislators need to hear.

Visit Our Bill Tracking Page

Your voice can make a huge difference for passing new laws to protect Maine’s environment and stopping bad proposals from becoming law. Our bill tracking page has hearing date and time information, NRCM testimony, action on the bills, and more. We also have a Take Action Toolkit to provide you with resources and guidelines for how to participate in the legislative process and speak out in support of Maine’s air, land, water, and wildlife.

A Surprise Nest Guest

NRCM's bird experts Allison & Jeff Wells write, "We’ve all had those unexpected house guests, folks who arrive (sometimes for an indefinite amount of time) with little to no heads up and leave you scrambling a little to make adjustments. Birds likewise can become host to unexpected guests to their home." Find out which bird was a local unexpected house guest in their latest blog.

The Truth about Maine’s Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Bill

NRCM's Sustainable Maine Director Sarah Nichols shares the truth about LD 1541, a bill to adopt Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging to save Maine towns and taxpayers more than $16 million each year. Opponents of the bill have been spreading misinformation, and Sarah sets the record straight.

Critter Chatter – Mother Nature’s Amazing Genetics

Do you know the difference between "piebald" and "albino" when it comes to wildlife and domestic animals? In the latest "Critter Chatter" post, author and NRCM member Jayne Winters explains the difference and shares photos to help illustrate what she's writing about. She also updates you on who to contact if you find an injured or sick creature in Maine this summer.

News from NRCM

News & Noteworthy — June 2021

Here are some highlights from this month's news stories and opinion pieces related to the environment, including Maine’s air, land, water, and wildlife, in this month’s News & Noteworthy from the Natural Resources Council of Maine. June 16, 2021 There is a lot of news right now, as the Maine...

Wolfden CEO Makes Outrageous Claims in Investor Advertising Videos about Mining in Maine

NRCM news release   June 14, 2021 (Augusta, ME) — In a stunning series of videos from investor events over the past few years, the CEO of a Canadian mining company, Wolfden Resources, made unfounded and inflammatory statements about the company’s proposed metal mine in Maine.  In the interviews detailed below, CEO Ron...

New Law Will Help Mainers Dispose of Unused Drugs Safely and for Free

News release from NRCM and the Product Stewardship Institute  June 11, 2021 (Augusta, ME) — Mainers will be able to dispose of unused medications safely and for free under a bill signed into law by Governor Janet Mills. LD 8, sponsored by Senator Anne Carney and championed by former Senator Geoffrey Gratwick, will...

Background photo: Aerial view of Pleasant Lake and Pickett Mountain by J. Monkman/NRCM

Restoring the Kennebec River above Waterville

Atlantic salmon are on the brink of dying out in the Kennebec River. We need your help to restore the lower Kennebec and save this iconic Maine species. Learn about our work, including our announcement of intent to sue the dams' owner for violations of the Endangered Species Act, to remove four antiquated dams on the river between Waterville and Skowhegan to open important fish habitat and spawning areas.

Take Action: Ask Congress to Invest in Maine's Clean Energy Future

The American Jobs Plan has the potential to provide critical upgrades to our infrastructure. Send an email to Maine's Congressional delegation today to urge their support of a plan that prioritizes a clean energy economy, modern transportation options, and resilient communities.

Five Endangered Species from Maine You Should Know About

May 21st in Endangered Species Day. In this blog post by NRCM's Melanie Sturm and Becca Ferguson, learn about five threatened or endangered animals and plants found here in Maine, including the Northern long-eared bat and Furbish lousewort, that need protection — and what you can do to help!

Featured: Reduce Your Use: Tips for Reducing Your Footprint on the Environment

Do you know how much food the average Maine family wastes each year? Want to learn how to reduce your food waste, plastic bag and foam food container use? Our “Reduce Your Use” brochure includes tips for lessening your impact on the environment while saving money, including simple changes to your daily habits such as grocery shopping, consumer purchases, and cutting back on food and other waste such as plastic bags that take centuries to break down.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

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My Maine This Week: Gabriel Vigna

Ospreys in Rockport

My Maine This Week: David Small

Maine lighthouse at sunrise

My Maine This Week: Tom Gilley

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My Maine This Week: Jesse Roussell

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My Maine This Week: Betsey Foster

Eastern Bluebird by Kristen Lindquist

My Maine This Week: Kristen Lindquist

Union River, Mariaville

My Maine This Week: Bonnie Kane

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My Maine This Week: Jayne Winters


My Maine This Week: Sierra Frith

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Sustain ME

A feature to help you help the planet.

Bright Ideas: Tips for Home Energy Savings

Taking steps to improve energy efficiency in your everyday life can save you money, reduce pollution, add to your comfort, and improve your sense of well-being. Around the house, on the road, and in your community, following these tips can help you become more energy efficient. Request a free brochure today!

Piping Plover by David Small

Creature Feature: Piping Plover

Did you know that a Piping Plover parent will attempt to lure a potential predator away from its nest by feigning a broken wing? This endangered species nests at Maine beaches. Learn more about conservation efforts for Piping Plovers in our latest Creature Feature written by NRCM member Kristen Lindquist.


Banner photo: View of the Bubbles at Acadia National Park, by David Small