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Maine to Boost Investment in Electric Vehicles

New rebate could double EV drivers statewide NRCM News Release March 13, 2019 (AUGUSTA, ME) – Maine residents will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of expanded charging stations and a new rebate for the purchase of electric vehicles under a climate change initiative announced by Governor Janet Mills...

Moms Oppose Changes to EPA Mercury Rule

Maine has public-health advisories against eating fish from 14 bodies of water contaminated with mercury. By Andrea Sears Public News Service News Story March 20, 2019 AUGUSTA, Maine - Do your job, protect our kids. That's the message dozens of mothers from 15 states took to Washington, D.C., this week....

Franklin County Commissioners Pull Support for CMP Transmission Line

Commissioners said they were not influenced by a complaint about a flier distributed by CMP in Farmington. by Rachel Ohm, Central Maine newspapers Portland Press Herald news story FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners voted to revoke support for a proposed transmission line through western Maine on Tuesday after expressing concerns...

Track Bills We’re Working On and Take Action

NRCM is following more than 200 bills that could affect Maine's environment this session. Bookmark and visit our Legislative Bill Tracking page to learn more about these pieces of legislation, read NRCM testimony, view latest action, and find out how you can get involved to protect the nature of Maine.

NRCM is Turning 60!

Our 60th anniversary is a great reminder that we must ensure strong environmental protections for those who will come after us. Hear from members about how their environmental priorities were encouraged by earlier generations and how they are passing these on to the next generation. Also, find out about upcoming events and how you can get involved.

New NRCM Podcast Episode

NRCM supports LD 640. This bill would require the Maine DEP to pursue an independent investigation of CMP's claims that its proposed power line would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This podcast episode features NRCM Staff Scientist Nick Bennett’s testimony in support of the bill in front of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

CMP wants to build a 145-mile transmission line though Maine's woods solely to bring hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts, with no significant benefit to Maine people or our climate! Read the study that shows that it would do nothing to reduce climate-changing pollution.

CMP transmission line proposal

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Sparrows Celebrate First Day of Spring & World Sparrow Day

Birders Allison and Jeff Wells welcome the first day of Spring and World Sparrow Day by sharing info, photos, video clips, and audio files highlighting just how fascinating and distinctive these “little brown jobs” are!

Iconic Red's Eats Going Green

Debbie Gagnon, the owner of the iconic Red's Eats in Wiscasset earlier this year announced that Red's has eliminated the use of plastic straws this summer! Hear about her plans to further reduce plastic use in years to come, too. Thanks, Debbie and everyone at Red's Eats!

Students Explore Maine's Environment

This year, 10 Maine middle schools received grants from NRCM to support their students' work learning about and studying Maine's environment. Hear from the classes about their project ranging from bees to brook trout!

Winter is almost here, and now is a great time to find ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Let NRCM help! Our brochure, "Bright Ideas: Tips for Home Energy Savings," is full of tips and ideas to help you save energy and save money on your home heating costs. Download or request your copy today!

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

My Maine This Week: Mt. Washington from Norway

My Maine This Week: Dennise Whitley

My Maine This Week Sandy Reynolds

My Maine This Week: Sandy Reynolds

snow moon Steve Cartwright

My Maine This Week: Steve Cartwright

Oak twinkle lights Appleton Darryl Czuchra

My Maine This Week: Darryl Czuchra


My Maine This Week: Jayne Winters

Deering Oaks Jared Swartz

My Maine This Week: Jared Swartz

Popham Beach by Steve Berger

My Maine This Week: Steve Berger

Industry, Maine, Reflection over Clearwater Lake

My Maine This Week: Aaron Rivard

Hampshire Hill, New Sharon, by Sam Horine

My Maine This Week: Sam Horine

Green Tip of the Day

maple tap

Sweeten the Pot

This Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday! Celebrate by finding recipes in which you can swap in locally made maple syrup instead of using imported cane sugar. To find a list of participating sugar houses, click here. To view more tips, click here. To subscribe to our Tip of the Day RSS feed, click here.  

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Creature Feature

Hal Winters Red fox in South China

Creature Feature: Red Fox

Did you know that the red fox is the most widely distributed carnivore in the world and one of the most common animals in the Northern Hemisphere?

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