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New Rules Place At-risk Species Further in Peril

Proposals favoring industry over conservation won't improve the Endangered Species Act. By The Editorial Board Portland Press Herald editorial It says something about the politics of the time that in 1973, the Endangered Species Act passed Congress overwhelmingly – 355-4 in the House of Representatives! – before it was signed...

L.L. Bean Now Home to Maine’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Station

by Nathan Strout Times Record news story FREEPORT — L.L. Bean’s retail campus in Freeport is now home to Maine’s largest electric vehicle charging station after adding eight Level II chargers over the summer. The addition gives Midcoast motorists and tourists another public option to charge up in a state...

Quebec Hydro Line Will Ruin Maine’s “Golden Egg” — Our Beautiful Forest

By Roger Merchant, Special to the BDN Bangor Daily News news story I walked into the Maine woods in 1965 as a forester and photographer, and spent the next 50 years exploring and appreciating these woods. Maine’s natural resources contribute to our rural quality of life, tourism and forestry economies....

New Survey: Maine Electric Car Owners Love Their Cars, Save Money on Fuel

Did you know that there are more than twice as many electric cars on Maine roads now as in the fall of 2014? See the new survey results of current electric car owners to learn why they purchased their cars and what they love most about them!

Place Your Bid for These Great Items!

Take part in the Natural Resources Council of Maine's online auction, which runs through September 30th. Thanks to the generosity of NRCM members and caring Maine businesses, there are lots of great auction items including: an L.L. Bean kayak package, original artwork, a Passamaquoddy basket, scenic flight over Acadia, a stay at Mt. Chase Lodge near the National Monument, Patagonia travel bags, a Coyote Moon gift card, and more!

New School Food Recovery Handbook

Just in time for the new school year, NRCM has created the first comprehensive guide for Maine schools that identifies the serious problems with wasting food and offers solutions, explaining step-by-step how to take action, work as a successful team, and involve others in the school. By referring to NRCM’s School Food Recovery Hierarchy Framework and using the “How-to” guides, your school will be well on its way to reducing food waste.

Take Action for Maine's Environment

NRCM and our environmental and public health partners invite you to attend one of four events this fall to learn about the threats we face to Maine's clean air, clean water, land, and wildlife, and how you can best take action to stop rollbacks being proposed at the state and federal levels. Learn more on our events page, and sign up for an event in Biddeford, Auburn, Jefferson, or Falmouth.



Central Maine Power's proposed 145-mile high voltage transmission line from the Quebec-Maine border, through western Maine to Lewiston is a bad deal for Maine. CMP wants to build a transmission line though Maine's woods solely to bring hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts, with no significant benefit to Maine people and no benefit to our climate!

Add your name in opposition to CMP's proposal.

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To Brazil and Back: Nighthawk Migration Revealed

Did you know that Common Nighthawks were once relatively common breeders in many Maine cities and towns, nesting on the flat, tar and loose gravel-topped roofs that were the norm decades ago? In their latest Year of the Bird post, NRCM’s Allison Wells and husband Jeff, lifelong birders, write about these birds and recent studies by researchers to track this species' migration patterns.

What You Can Do about the Unfolding Recycling Crisis

It’s been more than a year since China announced that they will no longer buy the world’s contaminated recyclables, and we are feeling the effects here in Maine. Hear from NRCM Sustainable Maine Project Director Sarah Lakeman about the concerns and what you can do as a citizen and as a consumer to help.

Baby Bats Need Love, Too

In her latest blog, Deborah Perkins, wildlife ecologist and owner of First Light Wildlife Habitats, sets the record straight and sheds light on these remarkable creatures. She has found that most people value bats as an important cog in the wheel of biodiversity and are keen to know more about their behavior and life history.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

Get your copy of our newest publication, "Reduce Your Use" for tips to reduce your impact on the environment (and your wallet) by making simple changes to your daily habits.

Megunticook Lake Camden

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