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Protecting the nature of Maine since 1959, by harnessing the power of science, the law, and the voices of people who value Maine's environment.

Citizen Action Day 2018
NRCM members and staff participating in Citizen Action Day in Augusta

Legislative Priorities for 2018

The Natural Resources Council of Maine reviews every bill under consideration at the State House to determine which ones need our support and which we must oppose, based on their potential impact on Maine’s environment. Read about this year's priorities and how you can be involved to help protect the nature of Maine.

Visit and bookmark our Bill Tracking page to read updates, bill language, fact sheets, and testimony on the priority bills that we are following during the 2018 legislative session.

East Branch of the Penobscot River, part of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Photo by Jon Luoma

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Top Stories

LePage Flunked Homework on Land Trusts, Bipartisan Legislators Conclude

by Christine Parrish Free Press news story A legislative committee unanimously concluded this week that conserved lands benefit the state overall and that Governor LePage’s claim that the state was losing millions of dollars due to land trusts not paying taxes was false. As part of the budget deal last...

Low Gas Tax, Not Electric Cars, Causing Shortfall in Maine Highway Fund

If today's drivers contributed as much as their grandparents, there would be no problem. Portland Press Herald editorial Maine has a free-rider problem when it comes to infrastructure, but it’s not the one they are talking about in Augusta. Gov. LePage and his allies in the Legislature want to charge...

Fact Checking LePage’s Statements on Land Trusts

by Susan Sharon Maine Public news story Listen to full news story. Governor LePage used a portion of his 90-minute State of the State address Tuesday to attack one of his favorite targets: land trusts. The governor blames them for taking too much land from the tax rolls in Maine...
Hannaford for a Cause

Buy Your Reusable Bags at Augusta’s Whitten Road Hannaford

Throughout February, the Whitten Road Hannaford in Augusta will donate $1 to NRCM for every purchase of their reusable “cause” or “karma” bags. Plan ahead to make your purchase! Thank you to the Whitten Road Hannaford for selecting the Natural Resources Council of Maine as the February recipient of the Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program

Defend Maine's Bottle Bill

A bill in the Maine Legislature, LD 1703, would weaken Maine's Bottle Bill by reducing the deposit value on wine and spirits containers from 15 cents to 5 cents. This could cut returns of these bottles by 50 percent, and harm hundreds of Maine businesses and charities statewide, while increasing litter and town trash disposal costs. Contact your legislators to urge them to vote for the Majority Ought Not to Pass report on LD 1703. 

NRCM's New Podcast "Maine's Environment: Hot News Now!"

We’ve just launched our new podcast! “Maine’s Environment: Hot News Now” brings you the latest on our high-priority environmental issues, direct from the NRCM staff working on them. Episode 2 features NRCM Senior Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim providing the scoop on actions at the State House and in Washington, DC, along with NRCM Forests and Wildlife Outreach Coordinator Carly Peruccio. Be sure to tune in!

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

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Solution for Fruit Flies

It takes just 8-10 days for a fruit fly egg to become an adult. If your under-the-sink composter has become a fruit fly haven, pour a cup of apple cider vinegar into a jar or small bowl, add a few drops of dish soap, and place near where the flies are congregating. They’ll be attracted… Continue Reading

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Creature Feature

Common Eider by Jeff Wells

Creature Feature: Common Eider

Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) Cool Fact: Female eiders often combine their chicks together into larger nursery groups called “crèches” and collectively watch over them. As noted in a recent blog post, 2018 has been designated The Year of the Bird in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the enactment of the historic Migratory Bird Treaty… Continue Reading

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