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Protecting the nature of Maine since 1959, by harnessing the power of science, the law, and the voices of people who value Maine's environment.

Boxy McBoxface needs your help to reform recycling in Maine!

Sign our petition to Maine legislators to urge them to pass an extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging law in 2020. Get involved to help reform recycling today: sign our petition, contact your municipal officials, and learn ways to reduce and reuse materials in your own home.

Support a 100% Clean Economy

From droughts and extreme heat, to flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and sea-level rise, we're feeling the impact of the climate crisis as a result of increased pollution. Climate change is an urgent problem and requires an urgent solution. Contact Maine's Congressional delegates to ask them to support a 100% clean economy.

Take Action: Oppose Proposed CMP Corridor

The proposed CMP corridor is a bad deal for Maine. Please contact Maine's Congressional delegation to ask them to urge the Army Corps of Engineers to do a full Environmental Impact Statement and hold a public hearing on the proposed CMP line.

Apply for an NRCM Middle School Grant

Since 2015, NRCM has awarded small grants to Maine middle school teachers and club leaders for projects that educate and engage students in Maine’s environment and the value of protecting it. Learn more about this program and apply for a grant. Deadline to apply is November 22.

Let Us Help You Explore Maine This Fall

Fall still has plenty of great weather for picnics, hikes, swims, & more. Let us help you plan your outdoor adventures with our annual Explore Maine publication. We invite you to download or request your own copy today.

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News from NRCM

News & Noteworthy — September 2019

September 30, 2019 As September comes to a close, here are a few highlights from recent stories about Maine’s environment in the news. Timber company dropping hotly contested Moosehead development plan The timberland company Weyerhaeuser is asking to terminate a massive rezoning plan for the Moosehead Lake region that was...

New Climate Council Sets the Stage for Ambitious Climate Action

NRCM News Release September 19, 2019 (Augusta, ME) — A new Maine Climate Council announced today by Governor Janet Mills will soon begin its work of updating the state’s Climate Action Plan to transition the state toward a clean energy economy by 2050. The 39 members of the Council represent...

Trump Moves to Block States’ Rights to Set Clean Car Standards

NRCM News Release September 18, 2019 (Augusta, ME) – President Trump announced today he will attempt to block states, including Maine and a dozen others, which have adopted higher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The move is a desperate attempt to roll back clean car standards which are...

An Interview with Boxy McBoxface, Recycling Reform for Maine Director

Boxy McBoxface comes to NRCM with several years of experience navigating the world of recycling economies. NRCM sat down with Boxy to learn more about how to make recycling more effective, sustainable, and equitable for all Mainers—and what we can do to reform recycling.

Missing: Three Billion Birds, Now It's Time to Act

A recent study found that the U.S. and Canada have lost three billion birds since the 1970s. Jeff Wells, a VP at National Audubon, and NRCM’s Allison Wells share hope and insight, including actions you can take to protect birds, in their newest post.

Boosting Biodiversity with Goldenrods

Deb Perkins, a wildlife biologist and owner of First Light Wildlife Habitats writes, "I'd say it's high time we give these goldenrods some love..." Find out why in her latest blog post.

CMP wants to build a 145-mile transmission line though Maine's woods solely to bring hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts, with no significant benefit to Maine people or our climate! Read the study that shows that it would do nothing to reduce climate-changing pollution.


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Do you know how much food the average Maine family of four wastes each year? Do you want to learn ways to reduce your food waste, plastic bag and foam food container use? Download or request a copy of our “Reduce Your Use” brochure for tips about how to lessen your impact on the environment and save money by making simple changes to your daily habits such as grocery shopping, consumer purchases, cutting back on food and other waste such as plastic bags and food containers that take centuries to break down.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

My Maine This Week: Dan Ker

My Maine This Week: Dan Ker

Billings Falls

My Maine This Week: Elizabeth Byrd Wood


My Maine This Week: Tom McLaughlin

My Maine This Week: Pemaquid by Bennett Christiansen

My Maine This Week: Pemaquid by Bennett Christiansen

mushrooms in Wayne

My Maine This Week: Leslie Burhoe

Juvenile Wood Thrush

My Maine This Week: Pam Wells

Dyer Long Pond beaver

My Maine This Week: Callie Wronker

Mount Katahdin

My Maine This Week: Sarah Rines

Fort Foster, Kittery

My Maine This Week: Betty OIivolo


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Did you know that 40% of food produced ends up in landfills or left unharvested? Request a copy of our magnet to keep right on your fridge, with helpful tips to help you reduce the amount of food your household wastes each year. Learn the best place to keep your vegetables, your condiments, and other items to keep them fresh and usable.


Creature Feature: Harbor Seal

Did you know that the Portland Sea Dogs, a minor league baseball team, are named after the slang term for the harbor seal? And who could forget Maine's most famous harbor seal, Andre, who visited the coast each summer for many years. Learn more about this adorable Maine coast creature.