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Get Busy Learning about Environmental Issues Facing Maine’s Coast

In Camden, there's a talk on climate change, fisheries and more. Portland Press Herald news story As summer winds down and election season moves into the forefront, the head of the Natural Resources Council of Maine is giving a talk this Wednesday on the policy challenges facing Maine’s coastal waters....

Plastic Waste is Everywhere. Here are Some Ideas for Mainers to Reduce Their Use of It.

By Abigail Curtis, BDN Staff Bangor Daily News news story Shlomit Auciello of Rockland hasn’t bought plastic wrap, or new Tupperware-style plastic containers, in decades. She avoids using microfiber fleece and washes plastic bags to reuse them again and again. She knows that makes her a bit quirky by modern...

Road Signs in the Works as Katahdin Woods and Waters’ Anniversary Approaches

David Sharp, The Associated Press Bangor Daily News news story At long last, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument will soon have highway signs directing motorists to the federal recreation area, which boasts hiking, canoeing and camping, along with stunning views of Maine’s tallest mountain, Katahdin. The road signs won’t...



Have you heard about Central Maine Power's proposed 145-mile high voltage transmission line from the Quebec-Maine border, through western Maine to Lewiston? CMP is proposing to build a transmission line though Maine's woods solely to bring hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts, with no significant benefit to Maine people and no benefit to our climate!

Add your name in opposition to CMP's proposal.

Listen to "Maine Environment with NRCM" Podcast, Episode 5

"Maine Environment with NRCM" podcast host Carly Peruccio speaks with Senior Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim. Pete reflects on the setbacks and successes of Maine’s 128th legislative session on environmental issues related to food waste, clean air, solar power, and more. He also looks ahead to the 2019 session.

"My Family and ME"—Enjoying Maine's Environment

You’re invited to join us in celebrating families like yours who care about protecting the nature of Maine. Show us your smiling children at the beach. Snap a pic of your spouse or partner at the summit of a mountain. Take a photo at your annual family reunion at Aunt Irene’s camp. Wherever you and your family are outside in Maine this summer, we want to see your pics! We’ll share your photos on our website!

Meet This Year's People's Choice Award Finalists, Then Vote!

Each year NRCM recognizes an individual or group who is volunteering their time to protect Maine's air, land, water, or wildlife. This year, we received 30 nominations and have selected six finalists, all doing amazing work to protect the Maine we love. Please read about each of them, and then vote for your choice. Voting closes on Monday, September 10 at noon.

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What You Can Do about the Unfolding Recycling Crisis

It’s been more than a year since China announced that they will no longer buy the world’s contaminated recyclables, and we are feeling the effects here in Maine. Hear from NRCM Sustainable Maine Project Director Sarah Lakeman about the concerns and what you can do as a citizen and as a consumer to help.

My Summer Internship with NRCM

The Natural Resources Council of Maine hires many college interns to help us with our work to protect the nature of Maine. This summer, Sam Milligan from Bowdoin College joined us and shares his experiences working with NRCM staff and members in this end-of-summer blog post. Thanks for your great work, Sam!

Yellowlegs and the Year of the Bird

In their latest Year of the Bird post, NRCM’s Allison Wells and husband Jeff, lifelong birders, write, "We can hear the 'tu-tu-tu' call of these unmistakable shorebirds today thanks to conservation pioneers who passed the Migratory Bird Treaty," which NRCM is celebrating all year with National Audubon, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and other groups.

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

Get your copy of our newest publication, "Reduce Your Use" for tips to reduce your impact on the environment (and your wallet) by making simple changes to your daily habits.

My Maine This Week Paul Johnson

My Maine This Week: Paul Johnson

My Maine This Week, Bremen

My Maine This Week: Elizabeth Skidmore

My Maine This Week: Karen Herold

My Maine This Week: Karen Herold

Moosehead Lake by Vivienne Lenk and Walter Mugdan

My Maine This Week: Vivienne Lenk and Walter Mugdan

susan downing

My Maine This Week: Susan Downing

12-spotted skimmer at Moosehorn NWR by Leda Beth Gray

My Maine This Week: Leda Beth Gray

Bottle Island by Sam Horine

My Maine This Week: Sam Horine

Harp seal in Tenants Harbor

My Maine This Week: Steve Cartwright

chipmunk eating peanut

My Maine This Week: Jayne Winters

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Raccoon, photo by Jayne Winters

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The only place raccoons don’t live is in the dense spruces and firs of the northern boreal forest, and the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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