NRCM Staff

To reach staff members of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, please call their phone number listed below
or call the main voice mailbox to leave a message at (207) 622-3101.

To contact NRCM staff by email, email with the name of the staff person you are trying to reach in the subject line.
Your email will be forwarded to them promptly.

Thank you.

Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett

Staff Scientist and Healthy Waters Director
(207) 430-0116

Nick provides scientific expertise to NRCM’s more technical work. He also heads up the organization’s Healthy Waters program focused on protecting and restoring Maine’s aquatic wildlife and habitat. Learn more about Nick.

Vanessa Berry

Vanessa Berry

Sustainable Maine
Program Manager
(207) 430-0144

Vanessa connects with people and communities around Maine as a member of NRCM's Sustainable Maine program. Learn more about Vanessa.

Josh Caldwell standing in front of State House

Josh Caldwell

Climate & Clean Energy Policy Advocate and Outreach Manager
(207) 430-0142

Josh connects with organizations, businesses, and Maine residents to advance climate and clean energy policy on the state and federal level. Learn more about Josh.

Beth standing outside in front of ocean

Beth Comeau 

Communications Manager and Webmaster
(207) 430-0106

Beth responds to questions and comments that come in via the address, keeps looking great and updated, and performs a range of tasks in the busy Communications Department. Learn more about Beth.

Pete Didisheim

Pete Didisheim

Senior Director, Advocacy
(207) 430-0113

Pete is a member of the senior leadership team and provides overall strategic leadership of NRCM’s advocacy work, including serving as the organization’s senior advocate before the Maine Legislature. Learn more about Pete.

Colleen smiling

Colleen Donohoe

Events Manager
(207) 430-0127

Colleen manages the Philanthropy Department’s busy calendar of events and helps maintain the organization’s centralized event resources. Learn more about Colleen.

Colin Durrant

Colin Durrant

Strategic Communications Director
(207) 430-0103

Colin is NRCM's primary media contact and as a member of the Communications team leads development of communications campaigns across the organization. Learn more about Colin.

Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards

Regional Outreach Coordinator
(207) 430-0146

Marc connects with people, organizations, businesses, and communities around Franklin County as a member of NRCM’s outreach team. Learn more about Marc. 

Anya Fetcher in front of State House

Anya Fetcher

Federal Policy Advocate
(207) 430-0118

Anya is charged with leading NRCM’s efforts to influence federal policies that affect Maine’s environment and people. Learn more about Anya. 

Daniel Harris

Daniel Harris

Application Analyst, Constituent Engagement Systems
(207) 430-0183

Daniel is charged with a wide range of database-related tasks, including list pulls, data maintenance, research, and analysis. Learn more about Daniel.

Leisa Hodgkins

Leisa Hodgkins

IT Manager
(207) 430-0111

Leisa keeps the logistics of NRCM’s advocacy team running smoothly and ensures work stations are up to date and high-functioning. Learn more about Leisa.

Kristin Jackson

Kristin Jackson

Digital Strategist
(207) 430-0114

Kristin collaborates across the organization to create effective, data-based communications and engagement strategies. Learn more about Kristin.

Toby Kilgore

Toby Kilgore

Grants Manager
(207) 430-0123

Toby secures and administers grants for our Forests & Wildlife and Sustainable Maine programs. Learn more about Toby.

Bronya Lechtman

Bronya Lechtman

Grassroots Outreach Manager
(207) 430-0170

Bronya builds relationships with Maine people around the state who care about our issues and want to take action to protect Maine’s environment. Learn more about Bronya.

Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray

Executive Assistant
(207) 430-0179

Nancy assists the CEO with a wide range of administrative tasks, from scheduling and travel plans to organizing and maintaining executive materials. Learn more about Nancy.

Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips

Advocacy Associate
(207) 430-0115

Kate provides extensive logistical and other support to NRCM’s Advocacy team. Learn more about Kate.

Codi Riley

Codi Riley-Havu

Gifts, Records, & Stewardship Coordinator
(207) 430-0128

Codi is a member of the philanthropy team, managing records and gifts, including gift processing and data updates. Learn more about Codi.

Rebecca Schultz smiling in front of State House

Rebecca Schultz

Senior Advocate for Climate & Clean Energy
(207) 430-0175

Rebecca's deep knowledge of climate change science and policy helps NRCM create and maintain strong networks across diverse environmental advocacy groups. Learn more about Rebecca.

Jack Shapiro smiling in front of State House

Jack Shapiro

Climate & Clean Energy Director
(207) 430-0112

Jack leads the Climate and Clean Energy team that is working in support of policies that address climate change and the threats it poses to Maine’s environment and communities. Learn more about Jack.

Emmie Theberge

Emmie Theberge

Outreach Director
(207) 430-0105

Emmie leads NRCM’s outreach, organizing, and public engagement efforts to deepen relationships with people across Maine and build enduring power that will strengthen and protect our environment. Learn more about Emmie.

Sierra smiling at camera

Sierra Toomey

Digital Content Producer
(207) 430-0181

Sierra puts her video storytelling skills to work on public engagement efforts by enhancing NRCM’s online and digital presence. Learn more about Sierra.

Allison Wells

Allison Wells

Senior Director, Communications 
(207) 430-0180

Allison leads NRCM’s organization-wide communications to strengthen NRCM’s role as a champion for Maine’s environment. She is a member of NRCM’s senior leadership team. Learn more about Allison.

Ben Wyman

Ben Wyman

Administrative & Operations Associate
(207) 622-3101

As a member of the Administrative team, Ben wears many hats to manage day-to-day operations of NRCM’s Augusta office. Learn more about Ben.

Banner photo: Allagash Wilderness Waterway, by Emmie Theberge