Bronya Lechtman

Bronya Lechtman, Grassroots Outreach Manager

person in winter clothes sitting in snow, with evergreen trees behind themIn her role as NRCM’s Grassroots Outreach Manager, Bronya enjoys providing information about NRCM’s priority work and sharing opportunities for people to get involved. Before coming to NRCM, she spent three years as a community organizer in Montana with Northern Plains Resource Council. During this time, she primarily worked in Montana’s coal country, and organized local, state, and federal campaigns dealing with the impacts of coal mining on agriculture and communities. Before beginning her career in organizational Environmental Policy, she received her degree from Colby College. She is thrilled to be back in Maine and be able to do the organizing work that she loves here. Bronya lives in Portland.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough from Gifford’s

Dog or cat person? Dogs will always be my #1 but I also adore cats

Favorite thing to do outdoors in Maine: Scramble up mountains and through tide pools

Favorite quote: “Hope is the belief in the plausibility of the possible as opposed to the necessity of the probable. In other words, it is always probable Goliath will win but sometimes David does. -Marshall Ganz

Why I Do This Work

“I believe deeply in the power of grassroots organizing as a path for long-lasting change and environmental solutions. I love the work of relationship building and finding common ground in unexpected places. I want to be part of building and protecting a resilient future for Maine.”