Kristin Jackson

Kristin Jackson, Federal Outreach Coordinator

Kristin JacksonKristin puts her years of organizing experience to good use as NRCM’s federal outreach coordinator. Her previous work also includes serving in Massachusetts and Maryland as an organizing director for a national nonprofit, and running special environmental and public interest campaigns—valuable experience as she helps build support for NRCM’s work addressing threats to Maine’s environment that happen at the federal level. Kristin is a Maine native, having grown up in Falmouth and spending her early years on Peaks Island. She graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a focus on energy policy and politics. Kristin now lives in Portland. She enjoys swimming and paddling in Casco Bay, hiking Maine’s mountains, and biking along the Eastern Trail.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Giffords Campfire S’mores

Dog or cat person: Dog! I’m a co-owner of a needy (but very cute) pup named Nila.

Why I Do This Work

"Growing up on the coast of Maine, I developed a strong affinity to our natural environment from an early age. As I learned about the threats our environment faces from polluting industries, I became motivated to defend and strengthen the policies we have that protect our air, water, and climate. I started doing this work as an activist in college, and can’t imagine doing anything else!"