Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips, Advocacy Associate

Kate Phillips standing atop mountainIn her role as Advocacy Associate, Kate engages with NRCM’s grassroots activists, and with communities and elected officials. She provides logistical support for outreach events and administrative support and document preparation across the advocacy team. Prior to joining the NRCM team, Kate worked with environmental nonprofits focusing on marine waste recycling, environmental education and advocacy, and conservation. Most recently,
She worked as a field assistant protecting threatened waterbirds for Massachusetts Audubon. She has a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies and Science from Skidmore College. A native of the Boston suburbs, Kate is an avid hiker who enjoys spending time outside with her friends and family. Kate is living in Maine for the first time, currently residing in Portland.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee Oreo
Dog or cat person? Both!
Favorite quote: “Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says, ‘It can’t be done.’” —Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite thing to do outdoors in Maine: Hiking!

Why I Do This Work

“Nature has always given me both joy and solace in the midst of a chaotic world. I believe that people have a responsibility to advocate for their environment and preserve its beauty. I am honored to work for an organization that fights to protect Maine’s great outdoors.”