Rebecca Schultz

Rebecca Schultz, Senior Advocate for Climate & Clean Energy

Rebecca SchultzRebecca has 15 years of experience in climate, air quality, and electric utility policy, most recently working with US EPA in its Office of Air and Radiation. Much of her career has focused on international advising, particularly building capacity to reduce emissions in China, where she lived and worked in different regions for many years. She has worked on energy and climate issues with research and policy advocacy organizations, including the Regulatory Assistance Project, Energy Foundation, and the Center for American Progress. She holds a Masters of Environmental Science from Yale’s School of Forestry. Rebecca first moved to Maine in 2007, and lives in Phippsburg now with her family, where she is passionate about coastal ecology and recently started learning to identify mushrooms.

Favorite ice cream: Gifford’s Toasted Coconut

Dog or cat person: Currently a big fan of my shepherd mutt Nyssa and coon kitties Chester and Teddy

Favorite quote: “Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of a mule.” – Bob Dylan

[One of my] favorite way[s] to enjoy Maine: Kayak camping in Merchant’s Row off Stonington

Why I Do This Work

"For the windswept spruce at the tree line and the stink of a low tide."