Codi Riley-Havu

Codi Riley-Havu, Gifts, Records, & Stewardship Coordinator

As a member of NRCM’s philanthropy department, Codi does a lot of behind-the-scenes work that help keep the membership department running smoothly. She keeps NRCM member records up to date, processes gifts, and updates data. She helps with mailings and fulfills information requests. Prior to joining NRCM, Codi worked at Colby College where she was a member of the development team, supporting the Parent Giving and Programs Office. Codi received a B.S. in business administration from the University of New England. Originally from Pennsylvania, Codi has lived Maine for the past 11 years, and In Augusta since 2018, with her husband and dog, Penny. She has a deep love of the state she now calls home.

Dog or cat person: dog

Favorite way to enjoy Maine: “Exploring obscure, off-the-beaten path corners of the state via car, foot, bike, or kayak with my husband and dog.”

Why I Do This Work

"Protecting the natural beauty and health of the state is critical. Being able to be part of this work is feeling rewarding."