Melanie Sturm

Melanie Sturm, Forests & Wildlife Director

Melanie StrumAs the Natural Resources Council of Maine’s Forests and Wildlife Director, Melanie continues the organization’s long history of keeping Maine’s remote places wild by monitoring development in the North Woods and ensuring the state’s natural character is protected for years to come. Her work includes serving as NRCM’s point person for the Land for Maine’s Future program. Prior to joining NRCM in early 2020, Melanie worked at the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco as well as for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the American Sportfishing Association in Washington, D.C., focusing on natural resource policy and management. She earned her B.S. in Biology at Elizabethtown College and a master’s degree in Biology and Society from Arizona State University where she studied ecosystem services. Having grown up primarily in Pennsylvania, Melanie has a deep appreciation and proclivity for forested environments, which she feels beyond fortunate to be turning into a career. Melanie lives in Brunswick and enjoys hikes in the mountains or reading by a quiet lake.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Anything with chocolate in it

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Why I Do This Work

A clean, thriving, beautiful environment is priceless – it’s good for our psyche and physical health, for the economy, and for ecosystem function. We need to steward the natural environment, including wildlife, like the invaluable assets that they are and protect them.