Gabrielle Grunkemeyer

Gabrielle Grunkemeyer, Grants Director

Gabby GrunkemeyerGabby moved to Maine in 2003 and fit in perfectly, including at NRCM, where, as director of the grants program, she manages the overall direction we take to secure grant funding from public and private foundations, businesses, and national groups. Gabby also secures and administers general operating and special initiative grants as well as restricted grants for our Healthy Waters, Climate and Clean Energy, and Federal project teams. She has a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries from Texas A&M University and an M.S. in Environmental Science from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Before joining NRCM, Gabrielle worked for a quasi-state agency in Texas as Director of Environmental Affairs, and as Director of Mission Advancement for an environmental education nonprofit in Maine. In March of 2017, Gabrielle earned a Nonprofit Management Certification from Duke University. She lives in Damariscotta and enjoys traveling, paddling, hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

And: I have a deep-seated love for tacos, wine, and animals of any kind.

Why I Do This Work

"I do this work to help protect all that is beautiful about Maine—the forests, the rivers, the coast, the mountains, and the people."