Chrissy Adamowicz

Chrissy Adamowicz, Sustainable Maine Outreach Coordinator

Chrissy AdamowiczAs our Sustainable Maine Outreach Coordinator, Chrissy helps communities create policies that are supportive of sustainable living behaviors that protect Maine’s environment. She gives presentations, provides information, and creates materials for our website as a way to engage concerned citizens. Prior to working at NRCM, Chrissy promoted sustainability in Androscoggin County through healthy eating and active living initiatives. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Sustainable Communities. Chrissy enjoys the outdoors, travel, art, and daydreaming of car-free communities.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Fresh mint.

Why I Do This Work

"To me, green communities are so much more than solar panels and recycling bins. They are timeless places that are inspired and infused by nature. They are places where people love to be and where nature thrives. Taking this broad view, I believe that a greener future is exciting and full of fun. I do this work so people can see the potential their communities hold."