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Bar Harbor Council Votes for Bans on Plastic Bags, Polystyrene Containers

By Bill Trotter, BDN Staff Bangor Daily News news story Municipal bans or restrictions on the retail use of single-use plastic shopping bags are continuing to spread in Maine, primarily along the coast, as two more towns on Mount Desert Island have taken up the issue. The Bar Harbor Town...

Trump’s EPA Taking Its Most Harmful Step Yet, This Time on Mercury Emissions

A proposed policy would no longer count a regulation's benefits, just its costs to polluters, in deciding the severity level of environmental protections. Los Angeles Times editorial Reprinted in Portland Press Herald President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency recently released a proposal that would undermine not only current regulations, but regulatory efforts...

Land Use Planning Commission Holds Public Hearing

Written by Rachel Mann Fox News Bangor news story Watch full news video. BREWER- Extra chairs had to be brought in for a public hearing on a proposal that would allow development on more than a million acres of land. "The package that we're working on is intended to do...

A Welcome Change for Maine's Climate

"Governor Mills spoke eloquently about how Maine’s land and waters define our way of life and the places we call home. It was a potent reminder of why we are engaged in this work to protect Maine’s environment for now and for future generations." Hear more from NRCM CEO Lisa Pohlmann and watch Governor Mills' full inaugural address.

CMP's Proposed Transmission Line: A Bad Deal for Maine

CMP wants to build a 145-mile transmission line though Maine's woods solely to bring hydropower from Quebec to Massachusetts, with no significant benefit to Maine people or our climate! Read about the study that shows that it would do nothing to reduce climate-changing pollution. Then be sure to sign the petition in opposition to CMP's proposal.

Listen to New NRCM Podcast Episode

2019 is a big year for the Natural Resources Council of Maine. This is our 60th anniversary! In this episode, NRCM CEO Lisa Pohlmann looks back on NRCM's key achievements from 60 years of advocacy, reflects on Augusta's current political climate, and shares her long-term goals for NRCM. Enjoy!

Shoreline of Square Lake in Maine's Aroostook County. Photo by J.Monkman/NRCM

The Natural Resources Council of Maine remains deeply concerned about the impacts of a proposal by the Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) to change criteria for adjacency. Adjacency is the screen that determines the general location of development in Maine’s Unorganized Territories (UT).

Thanks to all who were part of the fun at NRCM's 11th Annual Polar Bear Dip & Dash!

Monday, December 31 in Portland's East End, a 5K race and a cold dip into Casco Bay!

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An Afternoon to Honor Nathaniel Reed

NRCM CEO Lisa Pohlmann celebrates the contributions of a conservation giant who loved the nature of Maine and had an important role in turning the Endangered Species Act into law. We will miss you, Nat.

Dead and Dying Trees are Key to Life

Did you know that dead or partially dead standing trees (snags) and cavity trees (live or partially dead trees with cavities) are important to the life cycle and habitat needs of more than 40 species of birds and mammals, and countless species of insects and fungi? Learn more from wildlife ecologist Deb Perkins.

Pine Siskins, Year of the Bird Ambassadors

The end of the 2018 Year of the Bird is near, and in this month's blog, Jeff and Allison Wells share information about the future of birds like the Pine Siskin whose populations know no human political borders yet rely on strong environmental policies, including those supported by the Natural Resources Council of Maine, to help ensure its long-term survival.

Winter is almost here, and now is a great time to find ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Let NRCM help! Our brochure, "Bright Ideas: Tips for Home Energy Savings," is full of tips and ideas to help you save energy and save money on your home heating costs. Download or request your copy today!

NRCM is dedicated to making information available on issues facing Maine’s environment and the people who rely upon it. Our publications, including our Maine Environment newsletters, will, we hope, help you better understand the topic of interest and provide you with information that you can use in your own work on behalf of the people, wildlife, and environment of Maine.

Portland's Back Cove from Baxter Boulevard. Dave Maher photo

My Maine This Week: Dave Maher

Great Head Trail, ANP, Michael Walsh

My Maine This Week: Michael Walsh

Thomas Pond, Casco, by Karen Gannon

My Maine This Week: Karen Gannon

cardinal in Old Town, Pam Wells

My Maine This Week: Pam Wells

Harpswell by Cheryl Golek

My Maine This Week: Cheryl Golek

Hal Winters Red fox in South China

My Maine This Week: Hal Winters

Pattee Pond in Winslow. Photo by Linda Woods

My Maine This Week: Linda Woods

Mousam River Estuarine Trail in Kennebunkport

My Maine This Week: Laura Pope

Tom turkey

My Maine This Week: Maine Wildlife by Jayne Winters

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Hal Winters Red fox in South China

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