Take Action for Maine's Environment

The Natural Resources Council of Maine will help you take action at a moment's notice on issues related to the protection of Maine's air, land, waters, and wildlife. Here are some ways to get involved, and some tools to help:

Attend Public Hearings at the Maine Legislature

During the legislative session, there are many opportunities to speak out at public hearings on bills related to Maine's environment. Visit our bill tracking page to see a full list of upcoming public hearings, and then join us in Augusta to speak out in support of Maine's air, land, water, and wildlife.

Photo by Richard Flanagan

Help Restore Endangered Atlantic Salmon to the Kennebec River

Atlantic salmon are on the brink of dying out in the Kennebec River. We need your help to restore the lower Kennebec and save this iconic Maine species. Please click the button to email your comments in support of the Department of Marine Resources' new Kennebec River Management Plan Amendment. Deadline for comments: January 29.

Support Recycling Reform for Maine

Join our movement to reform recycling in Maine, make it more efficient, and reduce the burden on taxpayers. We’re calling on lawmakers to adopt a solution that is used around the world to make corporations share in the cost of delivering recycling programs. Sign our petition for an “extended producer responsibility for packaging” law. Learn more about the details.