The Natural Resources Council of Maine will help you take action at a moment's notice on issues related to the protection of Maine's air, land, waters, and wildlife. Click on each item below to take action via our automatic email system (your emails will be sent to the correct elected officials based on your address information).

To find out who your Maine legislators are so that you can call, write, or email them directly, here is a list of legislators by town.

Urge Maine Legislators to Support Solar Bill, LD 1504

This week, Governor LePage vetoed the solar bill, LD 1504, despite overwhelming bipartisan support of the bill in both the House and Senate. Please take a minute to thank your legislators or urge those who voted against the bill to support it when the bill comes back for a veto override vote on Thursday, July 20.

Tell the Department of Environmental Protection to Support an Effective RGGI

As northeastern states extend the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) from 2020 to 2030, Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will help make decisions regarding regional levels of carbon pollution. Write to urge the DEP to keep us on track to lower carbon emissions from power plants while lowering energy costs.

Don't Cut the EPA!

The Trump Administration has proposed massive cuts to the US EPA, including cutting EPA’s budget by 31% and its personnel by 3,200 staffers. These irresponsible cuts would have devastating impacts on environmental protection nationwide, including here in Maine. Sign our petition to protect EPA's important programs that keep Maine’s air and water clean.

Tell President Trump to Stop Rollbacks on Climate Protection

President Trump issued an Executive Order to roll back America’s climate protections, including the landmark Clean Power Plan. NRCM and our partners around the state and country will use every tool we have to fight back, including legal action and people power. The stakes are too high and climate action is imperative. We need your help. Send a letter today!