Take Action for Maine's Environment

The Natural Resources Council of Maine will help you take action at a moment's notice on issues related to the protection of Maine's air, land, waters, and wildlife. Here are some ways to get involved, and some tools to help:

  • Sign up for NRCM's Action Network to receive emails when your action is needed to protect the nature of Maine.
  • Click on items below to take action via our online system (your emails will be sent to the correct elected officials based on your address information).
  • Contact Maine's Congressional delegation to make your voice heard on issues being discussed in Washington, DC, that affect Maine's environment.

Take Action at the Maine Legislature

During the legislative session, there are many opportunities to speak out at public hearings on bills related to Maine's environment. Visit our bill tracking page to see a full list of upcoming public hearings, and then join us virtually in 2021 to speak out in support of Maine's air, land, water, and wildlife. During the 2021 legislative session, all public hearings will be held online. Visit our Take Action Toolkit for tips on how to be involved.

Photo by Bob Patterson

Protect Maine's Endangered Species

Every species plays a role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem but many are struggling to survive, which could have major consequences for our lives and the long-term health of the environment. Sign our petition to tell Congress to lead in protecting the planet for future generations by preventing the loss of plants and animals, including right here in Maine, and to address the biodiversity crisis head on.

Stop Filling Maine's Landfills with
Out-of-State Waste

Tell Maine state legislators to vote in support of LD 1639 to close a loophole in state law that currently allows toxic out-of-state waste to fill up our State-owned landfills. This current practice threatens sites of historical, cultural, and spiritual significance for the Penobscot Nation, neighboring residents, and Penobscot River and Bay, and it must be stopped.

Support Recycling Reform for Maine

Join our movement to reform recycling in Maine, make it more efficient, and reduce the burden on taxpayers. We’re calling on lawmakers to adopt a solution (LD 1541) that is used around the world to make corporations share in the cost of delivering recycling programs. Sign our petition for an “extended producer responsibility for packaging” law. Learn more about the details.

Thank Maine's US Senators for Leading on Climate

Senators Collins and King have co-sponsored a resolution to overturn the previous administration’s rollback of tougher standards for reducing methane, a powerful climate pollutant that is harmful to our health. Send a thank you to our Senators today!

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Act Now: A New Era for Climate Action

Add your name to our petition to Senators Susan Collins and Senator Angus King in support of the Biden-Harris Administration’s plans for strengthening our economy and protecting our health with bold climate action.

Tumbledown Mountain in Western Maine, a Land for Maine's Future site. Photo by Bill Amos.

Support Funding for LMF and State Parks

Sign our petition in support of funding for the Land for Maine's Future program and Maine's State Parks. LMF has helped permanently protect more than 600,000 acres in all 16 Maine counties, supporting a wide range of uses from hiking and birding to farming and fishing. The Legislature is considering a bond package to provide funding for LMF and our State Parks that face a $50 million maintenance backlog.