Take Action for Maine's Environment

The Natural Resources Council of Maine will help you take action at a moment's notice on issues related to the protection of Maine's air, land, waters, and wildlife. Click on each item below to take action via our automatic email system (your emails will be sent to the correct elected officials based on your address information).

Stop Rollback of the Clean Power Plan

The EPA has a responsibility under the Clean Air Act to protect our families and communities from harmful carbon pollution from power plants–and the Clean Power Plan is our path to doing that. Repealing this plan threatens the health and well-being of our families in order to give a handout to polluting industries. Please contact EPA in support of the Clean Power Plan, which protects our health, limits carbon pollution from power plants, and encourages clean energy development.

Defend Our Clean Car Standards

Did you know that cars and trucks are the largest source of climate-changing carbon pollution in Maine? Clean car standards are an achievable, effective, and proven way to reduce oil use, pollution, and fuel costs, but the Trump Administration is weakening these standards. Speak out now to stop these reckless attacks on our health and environment.

Oppose CMP's Proposed Transmission Line

We oppose Central Maine Power’s (CMP’s) proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line from the Québec-Maine border to Lewiston because it would harm Maine forests and wildlife, suppress Maine’s renewable energy industry, and could actually increase climate change emissions, all without any clear benefit to Maine or Massachusetts. Please sign the petition to urge decision makers in Maine and Massachusetts to deny CMP’s permits.