Join NRCM’s monthly giving program, Partners in Maine’s Future.

Maine is a spectacular place, known and loved for clean waters, vast forests and mountains, iconic wildlife, and famous coastline. Yet threats to Maine’s environment can come without notice.

NRCM’s Partners in Maine’s Future program provides a special level of protection by ensuring a predictable monthly income stream. It also saves paper and mailing costs. Members who are part of the Partners in Maine’s Future program have taken an exceptional step to show how much they value Maine’s environment. They give each month, automatically through their credit card or checking account, in support of NRCM’s work.

Being a Partner in Maine’s Future is easy and affordable.

A monthly donation adds value. Monthly contributions to NRCM provide predictable revenue—and protections for Maine’s environment.

A monthly donation saves money. No bank fees for members, no processing costs for NRCM. Less of a Partner in Maine’s Future donation goes to administrative costs of processing checks and renewal notices, and more goes directly to protecting Maine’s natural resources.

A monthly donation is convenient and saves trees. No renewal forms. No checks. No postage.

Many Partners in Maine’s Future find that a manageable monthly amount adds up to a meaningful impact for Maine’s air, water, wildlife, and forests.

Partners in Maine’s Future control how much they give. Monthly donations can be changed at any time.

Become a Partner in Maine's Future by joining online or print this form and mail it to us at NRCM, 3 Wade Street, Augusta, ME 04330. Thank you!


Another way to think of it…

  • $5 per month = 17 cents a day
  • $10 per month = 33 cents a day
  • $15 per month = 50 cents a day
  • $20 per month = 66 cents a day
  • $25 per month = 83 cents a day

What Our Partners are Saying

"The Partners in Maine’s Future program offered us a simple, regular way of contributing to NRCM [with] the added benefit of no annual renewal paperwork."

Mark and Lindsay Nelsen, Litchfield, ME


“As a Partner in Maine’s Future, I appreciate that my donation is more cost-effective for NRCM while providing a steady, reliable income stream for protecting Maine’s environment.”

Betty Hartley, Brunswick, ME

“I like not having to remember to make a donation. I like that a larger donation can be spread throughout the year. I like not receiving constant renewal notices in the mail or email.”

Liz Hays, Mt. Vernon, ME

“By setting up a monthly donation, I automatically support NRCM in an amount that is manageable for my budget, without having to think about it. Over time, these monthly donations add up to more than what I would donate if I sat down at the end of the year to write a check.”

Amy Dietrich, Portland, ME

“The cumulative impact of monthly donations seems gratifyingly BIG by the end of each year.”

Callie Wronker and Steve Urkowitz, Portland ME