Clear lakes.

nrcm-katahdin-circle-FINAL-090913Endless forests.

Iconic coastlines.

Abundant wildlife.

These are some of the reasons you value Maine’s environment and quality of life. NRCM shares those values, and for over 50 years Maine people have trusted NRCM to protect them.

NRCM is a membership organization, funded entirely by private philanthropy—through the generosity and the foresight of individuals like you. We raise our $2 million budget each year from individuals, private foundations and a handful of socially-responsible businesses. In addition, we receive income from our $4.5 million endowment. We receive no government funding.

Please consider a gift of $1,000 or more to join the Katahdin Circle. Your generous membership will provide cornerstone support of our advocacy and public education on behalf of Maine’s environment. We will keep you informed about the impact of your gift through in-person briefings, exclusive reports, and an invitation to the annual President’s Luncheon.

Please contact our development department to find out how you can support our mission by making a gift of stock, including NRCM in your estate plan, or making a gift that will provide income during your lifetime.

Gifts to NRCM are tax deductible as allowed by law, and depending on the type of gift, you may enjoy other tax benefits as well.