Bald Mountain by Todd Martin public reserved land

Protect Maine from Mining Pollution

Dangerous mining rules are back again, for the third time! The LePage Administration is proposing mining rules that, if passed, would not protect Maine’s clean water or taxpayers! We cannot let irresponsible mining companies wreck Maine’s environment. Please tell your legislators that Maine needs strong protections to ensure mines will not pollute our waters or leave taxpayers with the costs of cleaning up mining disasters.

solar panels

Urge Your Legislators to Support a Strong Solar Policy for Maine

The Maine PUC voted to roll back Maine’s solar policy: net metering. Net metering has made it possible for thousands of Maine homes and businesses to own and produce their own solar power, but the PUC voted to take Maine backward. It’s more important than ever that the Legislature stops the PUC from gutting solar in Maine.

Ryan on Wassataquoik Log, Photo by Emmie Theberge

Rescind the National Monument? NO WAY!

Governor LePage has asked President Trump to rescind the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. The Monument is already providing economic benefits to the Katahdin region and is protecting an outstanding natural resource. Tell your Senators and Representatives: Say NO WAY to any effort to roll back the National Monument.

Scott Pruitt

Thank Senators Collins and King for Voting Against EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt

Although the U.S. Senate confirmed President Trump’s nominee, Scott Pruitt, to head the EPA, we are pleased that Senators Collins and King voted against Pruitt. They took a stand for Maine’s environment, and now we will count on them to work to block EPA Administrator Pruitt from weakening the laws that protect our environment. Please thank Maine’s senators.


Tell Maine State Agencies to Support an Effective RGGI

Tell Maine's Department of Environment Protection and Maine Public Utilities Commission to support an effective Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).