Cathy Johnson

Cathy JohnsonCathy Johnson, Senior Staff Attorney and Forests and Wildlife Director

Cathy provides extensive legal knowledge and experience to bear upon the work NRCM does protecting Maine’s environment. She has been with the organization for more than twenty-five years, and during that time has become a leading expert on all matters pertaining to Maine’s North Woods and public lands. Her testimony and opinions help shape policy, and her many presentations across the state help keep Mainers informed. Cathy attended Yale University, then transferred to the College of the Atlantic where she received her B.A. in 1974. She worked for the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as for the National Parks Office of Nepal, before going to law school. She received her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law in 1983 and was a trial lawyer before joining NRCM staff in 1990. She and her partner, artist and illustrator Jon Luoma, live in Alna. They spend their leisure time hiking and canoeing Maine’s North Woods, traveling less-developed parts of the world, gardening, and playing the violin and viola.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Boring old vanilla!

Dog or cat person?
Give me a good flock of outdoor chickens any day!

Why I Do This Work

"I can’t imagine a world without big, undeveloped places. They nurture our spirits and sustain our bodies. They’re also really fun places to visit! Maine’s North Woods is world class, and I feel lucky to be able to help protect it."