Boxy McBoxface

Boxy McBoxface, Recycling Reform for Maine Director

Boxy McBoxface enjoying a hikeBoxy comes to NRCM with several years of experience navigating the world of recycling economies and is excited to address the challenges facing Maine’s recycling system. Living as a cardboard box doll gives Boxy unique insight into the importance of making recycling effective, sustainable, and equitable for all Mainers. Boxy looks forward to working with your community to reform recycling in Maine!

Dog or cat person? Cats! They understand boxes.
Favorite quote: “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.” —Rick Astley
My favorite way to enjoy Maine: Taking a free tour of Maine’s recycling facilities.

Why I Do This Work

I do this work because I want to help Mainers recycle. Right now, when recycling markets shift and costs go up, towns in Maine are being forced to stop, scale back, or pay more for recycling programs than they anticipated—and that just isn’t right! The reason why this is happening is because the current way we approach recycling is flawed because many manufacturers aren’t producing products and packaging that can be profitably recycled in Maine. This is an unfair system where local taxpayers are forced to pay for a problem they didn’t create; and we are now recycling less and landfilling more waste as a result. I think it’s time for Maine to adopt a solution that’s worked in other parts of the world that asks the large corporations and brand owners to act responsibly and help us pay for recycling programs when they become a cost burden. We need to reform recycling in Maine!