Black Mountain

longfellow_map Location: Black Mountain, Rumford and North and South Twin Mountains, Roxbury, Oxford County
Developer: First Wind
Project status: In development
Size: 40 MW
Number of turbines: 19 (12 turbines in Rumford and 7 turbines in Roxbury)

This project is in the early stage of development. The developer is still collecting wind data, conducting environmental studies, and/or preparing other documents for a potential permit application. Check back later for updates on this project’s application status and more details as information becomes available.

After learning the intensity of wind at this site from wind data collected in 2009, First Wind rendered this project unfeasible as it was initially designed due to the wind turbines they had pre-selected. In July 2010, First Wind reactivated the development after resolving these difficulties.

First Wind is waiting for the town of Rumford to enact an ordinance to regulate wind power before revealing any detailed plans. Rumford currently has a moratorium on wind power while a town committee is drafting an ordinance that is expected to go before voters at the November 2010 elections, following a series of public hearings.